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Tile Backsplash Top Ten Tips

Tile Backsplash – Top 10 Tips

On a daily basis, I have clients come into the showroom asking me if they should use tile for the backsplash. While it’s not for everyone, tile backsplash can add tons of character to any kitchen. With thousands of style and colors the design options are endless. Top 10 Tips to a Beautiful Tile Backsplash: […]

Tile Removal

Tile Countertop Replacement

Many of our customers come to our showroom wanting to replace their existing tile countertops. They are simply tired of cleaning the grout. Though removing the tile countertops is a must, replacing the cabinets is not an option. “Is this possible”, they ask? Of course it is possible! We do replacement countertops all the time. […]

Water Absorption Test

Is Granite Porous

Lemon Test – The lemon test is to determine the ability of your granite to resist etching. Follow the steps below: Place a wedge of lemon or lime, cut side down, on the sample overnight. Wipe the sample in the morning and hold it at an angle to the light. Check for a rough spot where […]