At Olive Mill, we understand impeccable craftsmanship is the basis for a successful project. The home improvement decisions you make in the next few weeks will become an integral part of your lifestyle for many years to come. The home improvement journey will be exciting, frustrating, and extremely rewarding.

Move forward with an open mind and a positive outlook. As you begin your long-anticipated home improvement project, strive to find a balance of style, function, and cost.

Family owned and operated with more than 30 years of home improvement experience; we would like to offer our insight to help you avoid the pitfalls so common in projects of this nature.

Demand Quality!

The key to quality is craftsmanship. This cannot be overstated. While evaluating the quality of products and materials is easy, evaluating quality craftsmanship can be difficult. You must first come to terms with your level of expectation.

Then you must understand the differences between a mediocre journeyman and the work of a master craftsman. If your needs demand quality craftsmanship, do not compromise. The benefits of a job well done will long outlast the temporary joy of receiving the lowest possible price.

Do your Homework!

To complete a successful home improvement project, you must have a thorough plan. Keep in mind that every home renovation project has numerous decisions to make.

You’ll also need to pick which contractors to use, how much to spend, and what materials to utilize. Don’t put off making these sorts of decisions until the project is underway. Make your preparations well ahead of time…. Prepare meticulously.

Make a Budget

Determine how much you can afford on this project. If financing is required, make sure it is in place before you begin.

Background Checks

Know who you’re hiring. Request numerous references from prospective contractors and verify them. Make sure to ask tough questions. Examine the contractor’s quality of work, punctuality, and cleanliness.

Require all contractors working on your property to provide lien releases. You will be protected against a firm or individual filing a claim against your home if you do this.

California State Contractor's License BoardAlso, please check our Contractor’s License and Insurance Information, click on link to the right. You will have to enter out California State Contractor’s License # 823217. Do this with every contractor before you give a deposit.

We feel that in Southern California, we offer the most well-respected reputation, the best products, and the greatest level of craftsmanship when it comes to quartz, porcelain, solid surface, quartzite, or granite worktops.

We invite you to ask us tough questions and check our references. Compare our prices. Evaluate our work.

When the dust settles, keep in mind that your home is your sanctuary and part of your goal is to make it a place for you to relax and enjoy. As fabricators and installers of the finest solid surface countertops available, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

How To Measure for an Estimate

How to Measure a Countertop for an Estimate

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